Second Section YouTube Episodes

S1 EP11 – Modeling from BEYOND the Photo

Tonight on the Second Section Podcast Mike and Andy talk about breaking down photographs for modeling inspiration. They will share some of the things they look for and how they can pick apart a photo to add unique elements to your layout, model or diorama that will make it stand out!

S1 EP10 – ProtoThrottle Power Hour

On tonight’s podcast Mike and Andy are joined by Scott Thornton of Iowa Scaled Engineering to discuss our show’s favorite little device called the ProtoThrottle!

Check them out here:

We also bring in the Section Crew’s ProtoThrottle “POWER USERS” Shawn Hoppert and William Sampson to show off their skills and ask the creator on how to get the most out of your ProtoThrottle! #notsponsored.

S1 EP9 – Freelance Model Railroading

In this episode Mike and Andy deep dive the topic of FREELANCE MODEL RAILROADS! I think you’ll find their perspective on this topic quite interesting!

S1 EP8 – Model Railroad Operations

n this show we have a special treat where we are joined by 4 members of the “Section Crew” for another episode of Broken Rail! William Sampson, Luke Lemmens, Tom Klimoski and Tom Jacobs (?) will join Andy and Mike as they deep dive model railroad operations.

S1 EP7 – The FUN of a LARGE Railroad

Tom Jacobs stops by the Section Section to talk about his LARGE model railroad. The Reading Company Crossline model railroad set in the 1970s! We’ll cover everything from where he put his model railroad to the actual aspects of incorporating the prototype on how he wants to operate his model railroad!!!

S1 EP6 – Model Railroad Design

Tom Klimoski joins us to talk about how he worked in prototype elements into his room sized rendition of the Georgia Northeastern Model Railroad. Tom shows us how he added all aspects of the prototype into his model railroad from scenery and structures to equipment and loads!

S1 EP4 – Layout Planning Woes

In this episode Mike and Andy talk about how they are doing layout planning while they build their model railroads!