About the Mascoutin Valley RR

Railroad Concept

The Mascoutin Valley Railroad (MVRR) is a proto-freelanced model railroad that is set in Wisconsin in the 1980’s. It is designed to simulate a mid-sized regional railroad that services many customers throughout the state of Wisconsin as well as serving as connecting to many class I railroads in the region.

The model railroad will take place in the summer time and focus on the Pine River Subdivision (Northern Division) of the railroad. The model railroad will serve a few large industries and primarily have picturesque scenery and relaxed operation. Iron Ore, wood and paper products will be the primary commodities hauled on the line, with a couple of minor agricultural customers sprinkled in for good measure. With a diversity of traffic on the line, I’ll be able to have an eclectic mix of locomotives and rolling stock like you’d see on regional and short line railroads of that time.