West Rosendale

West Rosendale – MP 14.6

This where it all started.  This little intersection of two country roads had a tavern, and a small spur that was serviced by the CNW.  West Rosendale was  where I grew up.  It was my first exposure to trains.  As a kid, I’d watch the trains slowly lumber by the my parents house.  I’d chase them down the property line until they faded out of sight.

The “Cabbage House” was a track side structure that remains well after the tracks have gone.

Until 1964 the “Cabbage House” had a spur that went directly into the building.  Vegetables were loaded up into Reefers and then taken to the local canning factories for processing.   On May 7th 1964 the division engineer sent out a notice to retire the spur.  The track was pulled up the turnout was saved and reused on the CNW somewhere.  Cheap and Nothing Wasted…that’s what CNW really stood for not Chicago and Northwestern.  šŸ˜‰

West Rosendale 1986
West Rosendale 1986 – Photo provided by Christopher Braatz

Here is a track plan of West Rosendale in early 1964.

West Rosendale Trackplan 1964