Railroad History

The Mascoutin Valley Railroad history is similar to many midwestern railroads that started out as short branch lines that merged together.  The Mascoutin Valley Railroad started out as the Poy Sippi railway in 1909.  The shortline provided service from Poy Sippi, Wisconsin to Berlin, Wisconsin.  The PSRR only had about 12 miles of trackage but it provided important passenger service to the rural areas outside of Berlin. 

Twelve years later 1921 the Poy Sippi Railroad merged with the West Rosendale & Ladoga railroad forming the Poy Sippi and Southern.  This merger expanded the current trackage from Poy Sippi, south and east to Lamartine.  Poy Sippi Passenger service was coupled with freight service transporting dairy products and other agricultural products for processing.  Service of the Poy Sippi & Southern would continue until October 29th 1929.  Black Tuesday.  The stock market crash and the ‘Great Depression’ bankrupted the Poy Sippi & Southern and the remaining shares were sold to the Central Waters Railroad & transportation company forming the Mascoutin Valley Railroad (MVRR).

The newly formed Mascoutin Valley Railroad provided freight and passenger service from Waupun, WI to Blackwell, WI.  This north-south running railroad provided connection points to the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, The Milwaukee Road and the Soo Line.  In 1942 the MVRR made its final acquisition, buying the the Armstrong Creek Railway completing its 200 mile North-South mainline from Waupun, Wisconsin to Spread Eagle, WI. 

The Mascoutin Valley Railroad is a major player in Wisconsin railroading in the 1980’s.  Ceasing passenger operations in 1956, the railroad turned it sites to providing connection service between the areas Class I railroads as well as providing rail service to a neglected part of the state of Wisconsin.  The railroad continues to operate at a profit even though the recession of the 1980’s is in full effect.  It is rumored that the railroad has plenty of capital available to develop a major East-West mainline connecting the Mississippi River with the Great Lakes.