Marshline – MP .7

Marshline is the first station stop on the subdivision.  Marshline is adjacent Suplee’s Marsh on the north side of Fond du Lac, WI.  This stop is the namesake for the subdivision and kind of sets the tone of the operations on this line.  At Marshline the trackage crosses over the Soo Line on the south end of Shops Yard.  It should be noted that the Marshline sub can only be accessed by essentially a one sided wye (“Y”).  This means that trains on the Chicago & Northwestern had to back down or push their trains to the south end of Shops yard until they got to the entrance of the subdivision.   Here is a link to a photo by Michael Oaks that shows click here.

Marshline Track Chart
CNW Lakeshore Division Track Chart 1959 illustrating the start of the subdivision.

East bound trains arriving at Marshline can head straight to points south of Fond du Lac or if they have to have their train go north they will have to clear the switch and back into Shops yard.  This can little nuance will add tons of operational value to a model railroad. You can click here to see another photo my Michael Oaks illustrating the Marshline Junction.

Here is a mock up track plan of Marshline if it was a 10 foot Free-Mo Module  in HO Scale.

Marshline Domino.PNG